Welcome to the heart of Montana's drug policy reform movement. Founded in 2006, Citizens for Responsible Crime Policy (CRCP) is the state's leading activist group working to end the so-called "war" on drugs and replace it with sensible, safer policies that are more humane, more effective, more affordable. CRCP sponsored the successful 2006 Missoula County initiative making adult marijuana offenses the county's lowest law enforcement priority. Now we are working to optimize that policy's effect and its application to other communities, and we are engaging in an interim legislative study to develop alternatives to prison for all the state's nonviolent drug offenders.

CRCP - Prison Alternatives

CRCP is participating in this interim legislative study, and plans public education efforts to inform Montanans of the important opportunities and information that the study will produce.

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Missoula's "Lowest Priority" Law Enforcement Policy for MJ Is Working

The citizen oversight committee, appointed by county commissioners, will issue a first-year report on the initiative's effects in November 2007.

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Get Involed

Get involve today and gain access to the resources you need to take actions that support CRCP's goals of reforming draconian drug policies in Montana – and nationally.

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What are the advantages of THCV?

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