Dream Queen Marijuana Strain Information

What does one get once you combine Blue Dream and area Queen?

The Dream Queen in fact. This excellent marijuana strain may be a sativa dominant hybrid strain. the mix of the 2 parent strains offers Dream Queen a novel serious striking happy high.

The strain is loud, within the sense that it’s got associate degree intense aroma. There square measure hints of pineapple and bubblegum mixed with citrus/menthol flavors therewith distinctive style of hash once smoke-dried or vaped. It’s one among those strains you can’t facilitate however smell all day long.

Nonetheless, it’s vital to stay the bud in an exceedingly hermetically sealed jar so as to contain the smell profile, unless you prefer your automotive or area to smell up.

As mentioned, Dream Queen comes from Blue Dream and area Queen, each strains that have created a reputation for themselves among the cannabis community. The Sativa Dominance of the strain is what makes Dream Queen such an addict favorite.

The marriage between Indica and Sativa makes it a good strain to grow considering that it’s quicker to basset than a typical sativa strain, and produces a yield a lot of akin to indica strains.

For people who need to possess high rosin production with associate degree ultra-powerful happy high…this is unquestionably the correct strain for you.

Good For — Anxiety, Depression, Stress,
Effects — Happy, Uplifting, Relaxed, Euphoria, Giggles
Types of high
You can expect to possess a fast onset with this strain. You’ll at once notice however the high crawl up your back and hits your brain, causing it into a whirlpool of thoughts. You’ll be in an exceedingly space-like state feeling giddy and prepared for the day.

While you’ll be relaxed, you’ll still have energy. The high spirits is sort of intense further causing you into what will solely be explained as a waking dream.

It’s an ideal facilitate for people who square measure tormented by stress, anxiety, and depression. they are saying the simplest medication is laughter…Dream Queen will certainly get you riant.

Aroma When you open the bag, you’ll at once notice the fruity dominance of the strain with hints of sweetness. There’s conjointly a powerful undertone of ‘earthy’ smells.

The style profile is extremely like the smell profile of the strain, except once you begin smoking it you’ll get a faint hash-like flavor.

Growing this strain is nice for moderate growers. It’s not the simplest strain on the earth, however it’s conjointly not the foremost troublesome. Dream Queen can manufacture buds among concerning 7-9 weeks and generates a really important yield for being a sativa dominant strain.

The rosin production of this strain is additionally off the charts, creating it awe-inspiring for folks that got to create oils from cannabis for medical functions.

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Negative Effects
As with most marijuana strains, Dream Queen can create your eyes red and your mouth dry. we tend to advocate that you just have heaps of water offered once smoking this powerhouse strain.

Final Words
Feeling for a dream queen when this review? Leave your comment below if you have got ever tried the dream queen.

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