Good Weed for Good People!

Good weed all depends on where you live in the world. We all know what hydroponics is. We know about special cannabis strains.  I think that at some point in our life we’ve all smoked grassy shwag weed.

Maybe out of desperation or because the dealer sold you crap weed. Who knows why? Just the thought, of smoking almost ¾ of the bag of bad weed by myself just to get high, brings back the memory of the aftertaste to my mouth.  

To know the good weed, you definitely need to have known the worst.

Ok, so what’s good weed supposed to look like

Well, the heads are fluffed out like popcorn heads, round and pretty. If the cannabis heads are compressed or smooched together then that might be low quality cannabis.

Good weed will have a distinct rich green color to it. If the weed is brown or any other color but green or purple then it’s filled with pesticides. This cannabis would be a bad idea to smoke. I know desperate times and all that.

If you can avoid smoking crappy weed, then do.  The buds are decorated with other pretty colors on the pistils. The bud will be covered in bright white crystals. The crystals are an indicator that the THC levels are good for smoking.  

What is a good weed?


  • Good weed is the nameless, half-processed cannabis that gets grown illegally.
  • Good weed will get you close to a good high but you will grow a tolerance to it and eventually smoke a lot of it to stay high.
  • Good weed is ok for chilling at home and will last about 3 to 4 hour in your system.

It might have some seed, but yet it’s still enjoyable.

This is the middle-level cannabis, it’s not the best but it’s not the worst either. Good bud could have gone through the process but lacks the final element, which is the curing stage.

Therefore, the best thing would be to place this cannabis material in a glass jar in a dark place. Remove the top each day for about an hour and place it in a dark corner till the curing process has run its course. Trust me you will notice the difference.

Taste and smoke

Don’t expect an amazing fruity flavor in your mouth when smoking good reefer. Good bud has an earth-like taste when smoked, the smoke will have a sweetish smell and taste to it. An upgrade from shwag weed, good reefer won’t leave a completely horrid taste in your mouth.  


Unlike than shwag weed, Good cannabis won’t stink up the place completely. I would suggest that if you are smoking incognito that you definitely light a scented candle or some incense to camouflage the smell. Shwag weed just should not be smoked indoors [or ever].

The smell of the cannabis smoke sticks to clothing and has an echo that lingers on you.

Lasting effect

Now that you’ve lit up a good weed joint or filled a pipe to enjoy. Good marijuana could get high for about 3 to 4 hours. Depending if you bought a Sativa or indica strain, (ask the dealer). Also, depending on whether it has been fully cured or not. Nevertheless, it’s still a good reef. You just want to get high. Smoke good weed until you can find something better. So keep hunting and increasing the quality of your reefer.

There is a difference between Shwag, Good, and Premium. Most people smoke “good” or “premium”, however, there’s still a lot of you stuck with Shwag. Keep on finding better strains!


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