How To Stop Being High

How to stop being high is a question that’s been asked a million times. Sounds familiar? Remember the first time you smoked and got high smoking a high grade cannabis strain? What was the thought that kept being asked. “How do mellow down, how do I stop being high

Truthfully, you can’t. You just have to wait it out. But don’t despair there are ways to make the high experience bearable.

Reasons why you might have gotten too high

Most people have a high tolerance and others not. One cannabis strain could invoke different effects in one that in someone else.

What to do when you’re too high

What to do when you’re too high

What you would want to do when you realize the weed is making you see stuff and you feel weird. Stop what you’re doing, find a place that’s quiet. If it’s night, turn off everything that makes noise or has lights. This will help drown out some of the noise you hear. The most important thing is that you remain calm, don’t freak out. Everything will be ok.  


Please know, this might work for some but not for everyone. We all have an imagination that could get out of control but gaining that same control is what we are aiming to do here.

Ask someone to come check in on you every 30 min. If you have something that could distract you while you’re coming down. This could take between 2 to 3 hours or more depending on the strain you smoked and how much you smoked. Some are high in THC i.e. Girl scout cookies

How to tell someone is high

If you’re still feeling high and start to feel agitated, start to breathe deeply for four seconds. Inhale and count to four Mississippi’s and on the way out four. Just focus on your breathing. Close your eyes if you need to. But stay calm. Why I am so adamant that you remain in a calm state of mind is so you don’t make things get ugly, quick.

The body – The Super Computer

The body – The Super Computer

The human body is a super computer and like any network in a super computer the is a diagnostic system that tell the body if there’s something wrong. While you’re high and in panic mode, your vision becomes slightly blurred and you send a message to you brain saying that there’s some foreign toxins in the system that is causing some kind of short circuit to the body.

Then, the body sends a message to the stomach. Telling the stomach to toss it all overboard, which means you’re going to puke.  If this is your current predicament, well now you know.

A few years ago, I attended a party in a woodland area in a cabin. The party was split between two age groups which I thought was weird but I later learnt that two brothers had invited their friends and well they were doing their thing and we ours.

Unfortunately, 3 teens came down and asked if they could smoke from the bong we had. As it was my first time hanging out with this crowd, I opted to observe. These poor souls each took a huge bong rip and barked like dogs.

Little did we know that this was their first time smoking cannabis. As I was high already, I passed a comment saying that this night just got interesting. These two boys and a girl spent the rest of the night puking and just kept puking.

One of them was freaking out; the other was in a corner crying. That had to be their worst weed related experience ever.


 In conclusion, there’s no way to get un-high, you just have to buck up and ride that beast till you feel victorious. Even though eating something might help or drinking water, just ride along.

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